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 ElectroDynamic designs and manufactures standard and custom made induction heaters for the purpose of shrink fitting to perform maintenance and mounting jobs.

 With our extensive design and manufacturing capabilities we can offer modern and innovative solutions for heating jobs. Application of Induction Heater includes Expanding of the following?

 Bearings, Gears, Pistons, Belt-wheels, Couplings, Sleeves, Bushes, Pulleys, Shrink Rings etc?

  • Induction heating is safe - no fire hazard from Open flames or contamination from Hot oil bath or forcing cold bearing on with a Hammer.
  • Evenly heats the bearing's Inner Race - for longer life from proper installation.
  • Quick positive bearing installation - correct alignment is assured to reduce costly Shutdown.
  • Portable - just Plug it in, requires less man-hours.
  • It automatically Demagnetize the bearing while heating and can be used as demagnetizer for any other magnetized articles.
  • Optional Raising Block is available to accommodate the bigger bearing size.
  • Automatic temperature control.
  • Standby mode, where set-temperature is maintained continuously, with the tolerance of 2-4 'C of temperature.
  • Available in different models to suite your requirements.

 For customized models, communicate with us, we will provide you best possible solution.


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